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Arctic telecom Arctic aluminium Arctic fused
    Professional production of various kinds of aluminum alloy profile classes, insert class and other kinds of radiator, building material and industrial profiles and other products, first-class quality, quality and reliable!
Arctic property
    With its abundant capital, comprehensive supporting development ability, has successfully create "meiyuan xincun", "splendid Chui mountain" and "JinGu home" and so on the residential area.
Metal trading market
    Market to copper, aluminum and magnesium, zinc, tin and other non-ferrous metal trading and other alloy material trade is given priority to, to create a all kinds of metal materials distribution and trading center.
Hundred million trillion Software park
    Zhenjiang first by a private enterprise investment construction project, will become RunZhou industrial development, software and service outsourcing industry development base and talents converging heights.
     Jiangsu Sanshun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a set of cast production, aluminum extrusion, radiator production and processing, real estate development
and sales with one comprehensive enterprise group. Group was formerly Zhenjiang City Arctic Telecommunication Factory. Factory from 1997 to
Zhenjiang, just in Dantu Road leased hundreds of square houses production, only hundreds of thousands of fixed assets, it is no exaggeration to say,
neither a tile,under no patch of land. [More]

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